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Telecom and IT Sectors Offer Budding Hike for Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are a major vehicle in the telecommunication structure. With all the information traffic towards the internet, electronic commerce, computer networks, multimedia, voice, data, and video, the demand for a transmission channel with the bandwidth capabilities for handling such ample amounts of information is crowning. Fiber optics, with its boundless bandwidth, has confirmed to be the solution. Therefore, 5G, IoT, and Big Data bank heavily on actual-time data collection and transfer. Fiber optics has unlimited bandwidth potential which makes fiber optics cable the chosen to support these bandwidth horizons.

To attain the performance for 5G networks, more small cells (nodes) and mobile edge computing will be desired as to eliminate network blockages. These small-cell groupings often use the millimeter wave spectrum by depending on fiber cabled connections for carrying the information to the network.

5G will bring heightened proportions with less postponement straight to the networks. Fiber optics cable is the best option for 5G due to its security, and ability to handle the massive amount of backhaul traffic being generated. It is expected to generate a large market for the fiber optic cable market in Telecom and IT.

Image Source: Mordor Intelligence

*estimated prediction

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